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ISSG, Inc. offers multiple employment options:

ISSG, Inc. is only as successful as the candidates we place. We value these relationships highly. To find and retain the best candidates in a competitive industry, we strive to maintain long-term professional relationships, and simply do our best to live by the golden rule and "treat others as we wish to be treated".

We feel that we can provide options that meet your lifestyle and what is important to you, the employee. The employee can choose to be a salaried employee with paid days off and full benefits, or if you are looking for a higher hourly rate, then you can choose to be a W-2 with or without benefits. You choose.

We get to know our candidates well; their personalities, strengths, weaknesses and career goals. Because we believe in our candidates, we do everything we can to keep them working; either in full-time positions or long-term consulting engagements. We actively promote candidates to leading companies and search out opportunities where they'll be able to use and expand all of their skills. Often hiring managers will create a position even if they don't have an opening, based on the quality of the candidate and the strength of our message.

ISSG, Inc. recruits from referrals across the entire United States. We offer direct deposit, health insurance and dental insurance, company paid STD/LTD and life insurance. We carry significant levels of professional services, errors and omissions, and workers compensation insurance.

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